Cannot open the disk 'E:\VM image\2003R2\2003 R2 Ent-000001.vmdk' or one of the snapshot disks it depends on.
Reason: Failed to lock the file


1. 手動修改配置檔
   請用 notepad 編輯 *.vmx 檔案, 在內容中加上一行
   disk.locking = "FALSE"

2. 透過 VMware Infrastructure Web Access 介面修改
   進去 VMware Infrastructure Web Access
   在左邊的Inventory -> 選取你的VM -> 右邊 Commands -> Configure VM
   -> Advanced -> Configuration Parameters -> Add New Entry
   -> Name 輸入 disk.locking -> Value 輸入 FALSE -> OK


1.Locate the virtual machine in Windows Explorer and delete(rename) any .lck folders
2.Start the virtual machine.

3.If this fails try to Map the virtual hard disk to Z:\
4.disconnect the virtual hard disk and retried. The virtual machine boot without any problem; my snapshot was valid.

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